Earthquake Brace+Bolt

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Licensed contractors educated in seismic retrofits are the backbone of Napa EBB’s success. You can help your clients protect their houses and gain valuable skills to help market your business.

Why You Should Participate

No Fees
There is no fee for Contractors to join Napa EBB and be included in the Contractor Directory.
Free Seismic Retrofit Education
Napa EBB offers online FEMA training to promote seismic rehabilitation of houses. Once completed, contractors will have the option to be added to the Contractor Directory.
Napa EBB Contractor Directory
The Contractor Directory provides homeowners a resource to search for licensed contractors educated in seismic retrofitting.
Marketing Support
Participating contractors can receive marketing material for Napa EBB, including yard signs.
Program Support
Customer service is available Monday through Friday.

Napa EBB offers homeowners up to $3,000 in incentive funds towards seismic retrofits and they regularly search the Contractor Directory to receive bids and begin their retrofit projects. As a licensed contractor, you can be added to the Directory by completing the free online FEMA education training.

In addition, once you complete the training, you can also receive an EBB FEMA-Trained logo to use on your website or in printed material in addition to EBB marketing materials, including yard signs and brochures.

The Retrofit Process

Napa EBB was created to provide incentives to California homeowners to seismically retrofit wood-frame residential structures.

The seismic retrofit includes adding anchor bolts and bracing in the crawl space to improve the connection between the wooden framing and concrete foundation. Contractors experienced in seismic retrofitting, specifically with California Existing Building Code (CEBC) Chapter A3, 2010 Edition, are sought after for this work.

The program is limited to funding retrofit expenses that:

  • strengthen cripple walls to enable them to function as shear members, significantly protecting the dwelling from collapsing;
  • bolt foundation, enabling the dwelling to remain in place, rather than sliding off the foundation during an earthquake; and
  • properly strap the water heater to reduce the likelihood of water and fire damage, and to protect the water supply. 

How To Get Started

Contractors who want to join Napa EBB and be part of the Contractor Directory must:

  • be a California licensed contractor in good standing
  • create an online account and complete registration as a Contractor
  • review all six education videos and successfully pass the quizzes associated with each section.


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